With an activity extended all over Albania, we are an electrical engineering company specializing in:

  • Electrical Installation/ Indoor & Outdoor;
  • Electrical Power Lines (MV & LV) and Substations;
  • RoofTop Antenna Installation (3-11m);
  • GreenField Antenna Installation ( ST 36m; TP 42-48m);
  • Electric facilities, telephone and TV Installations;
  • General Power System & Electrical Refurbishment;
  • UPS and Security systems;
  • Earthing and bonding;
  • ACU;
  • RBS, etc

We also carry out routine Maintenance to existing electrical installations.Our experience in these fields enables us to provide a service which meets the most demanding schedules and achieve a high quality installation.
Like every other company, despite the years in the market, the experience of the company itself is the total experience of the people working for us every time.

We are thrilled to have a staff with several years experience in the discipline of engineering, as the Civil and the Electrical & Communications, with whom we have established a full relationship and a mutual assistance and

cooperation. “Electrical Power Engineering” ltd employs approximately 15 directly employed staff and operatives.
Over the years we have created a talented and committed staff and workforce to ensure that each contract is carried out efficiently and profitably